Swedish Massage Therapy Somerset West
With Sean Weltz

Top Massage Therapy in Somerset West with Sean Weltz

– Aloha –

My Name is Sean, and I would love to be your Massage Therapist!

My parents are Austrian and Danish, with me being born and raised in the Cape. English and German are my first languages and I speak Afrikaans too.

My mother has been a physio- and craniosacral therapist for nearly four decades, and it seems the apple did not fall far From the Tree :).  I have a knack for seeking out and releasing tension in my clients’ bodies.

For me, Massage Therapy is an extremely rewarding career, as I get to use my gift to help alleviate the suffering of others. Life is heavy enough in today’s high-paced society without having to deal with pain in your body as well.

My Massage Studio is not a sausage factory – I take my time with my clients – putting in the effort needed to get real results.  My goal is to make you feel at ease during the treatment, and to let you float out so that you can feel light again.


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sean weltz, swedish massage, lower body legs and feet

I regularly workout, do calisthenics and yoga. This keeps my body strong for my work. Becoming more in tune with my own body has also given me more insight into those of my clients.

Out of work hours you can find me surfing some deserted beach up the coast or hiking a mountain. I also produce music and rap/sing.

I have found my slice of paradise and feel extremely blessed to live in this breathtakingly beautiful country.

– Life is Epic –

Roger IO Sequeira
Roger IO Sequeira
Good hard massage that focused on all the points needed. Thanks Sean.
Krishna Kanjee
Krishna Kanjee
Great massages!
Elmarie Van Wyk
Elmarie Van Wyk
He really worked my tight muscles after a 5 day hike at Kosibay. Deep pressure. I will definitely recommend him ..he is also fluent in German. I just realized that should spoil your self more often with a good massage
Cor Pretorius
Cor Pretorius
Brilliant, thanks Sean! Highly recommended.
Sean McKay
Sean McKay
Sean is incredibly knowledgeable about his work. Also so refreshing to have a friendly conversation with him! Sean squeezed me in with barely any notice when I really needed to sort my back out. Strongly recommend him!
Catherine Naude
Catherine Naude
I highly rate Sean. He was super professional and the massage was firm addressing my tension areas. He also has a very calm happy disposition which is much needed in these crazy stressful times and rubs off on you. Best mothers day gift ever!
Stefan Janse van Rensburg
Stefan Janse van Rensburg
I would definitely recommend Sean for those tough, been there a long time knots 😁
Timothy Moolman
Timothy Moolman
After driving from Jeffreys Bay to Somerset West I was stiff and sore and had to present a photography workshop the next day. I searched the vicinity for someone who could provide a deep tissue massage and after calling five people, and leaving messages, only Sean called back and within 10min! He was friendly, professional, understood my brief history of injuries and how I needed to be treated. I left feeling great and the workshop was a success! Thanks Sean! On my ‘go to’ list when I’m in town.

Massage Therapy Treatments

sean weltz, massage somerset west, swedish massage, massage, massage therapy, full body massage

Sport/Swedish Massage Full Body
90 Minutes R850

This massage treatment journeys through the entire body from head to toe and is great for stress relief and circulation, as well as athletes looking for a complete reboot.

Sports massage therapy, upper body for neck and shoulders

Sport/Swedish Massage Upper Body
60 Minutes R600

This treatment is for upper back, neck and shoulders and into mid and lower back, onward to sides and Glutes. Great for relieving upper and lower back, as well as neck, shoulder and hip pain.

sports, swedish massage, lower body, feet,

Sports/Swedish Massage Lower Body
60 Minutes R600

This lower body massage treatment includes lower back, sides, glutes, legs and feet. Great for runners, cyclists, and people with hip and lower back issues.

neck and upper body massage

Swedish Massage Upper Body
30 Minutes R400

This treatment focuses on upper back, shoulders and neck. A great Quick fix for anyone suffering from tight shoulders or stiff neck. *

Mid Body massage,

Swedish Massage Mid-Body
30 Minutes R400

This Mid Body Massage treatment is aimed at glutes, hips and lower back.  Designed for a quick, lower back and mid-section Release.*

massage therapy, lower body legs and feet

Swedish Massage Lower Body
30 Minutes R400

This lower body massage treatment focuses solely on legs and feet.  Great for a sport tweak or leg specific issues. *

sean weltz, massage somerset west, upper body, back massage
Treatment Recommendations

* Please note that 30min massages are effective when it is urgent, i.e. you need a quick fix for the pain experienced and/or are short of time. However, 60 or 90min massages are recommended in order to work through complete upper and/or lower body sections, as the muscles of the body often compensate for issues.

Most spasms and tension have built up over a longer period of time, thus follow up sessions are recommended to help consolidate the work done in the prior ones. This enables the goal of completely releasing and resolving problem areas.

A month or bi-monthly preventative maintenance cycle is highly recommended.

In all treatments, special attention will be given to your specific problem areas and pressure tailored to your specific needs.

Treat Yourself to a Massage Session with Sean